At the end of September, Fronius announced the forthcoming UK launch of the latest addition to their range of commercially available inverters with the three-phase compact Symo. The residential model has been produced for the 3.0kW, 3.7kW and 4.5kW power categories and is already available in various territories, including Austria, where Fronius were founded.

According to Fronius, the Symo inverter focuses on the self-consumption market and is designed for flexibility. System voltage is set at 1000V with an input voltage range of 150V to 800V, and can be configured for indoor or outdoor use. In addition to Datalogger, USB stick and LAN interfaces, fitted as standard, the Symo model is the first UK market-ready inverter with a WLAN interface fitted as standard.

Fronius also claim the ‘Advanced Grid Features’ (AGF) and voltage dependent power manipulation of the Symo makes the inverter ready for demands that will be placed on power grids in future. In the event of a grid overload, the inverter is prevented from being disabled, relieving the load on the grid and maintaining yield levels.

The company showcased the new product at the Solar Energy UK show at NEC, Birmingham. Among other products displayed by the company included their mid-range central inverters for 75kW to 100kW PV plants, launched last year, on which most maintenance tasks can be performed directly by installers.