Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe has announced a partnership with solar platform Generaytor to launch an interactive PV service for the UK domestic market. 

The companies’ Virtual Solar simulation aims to provide those interested in a solar system with a clear estimate of much energy a potential system will generate. 

Speaking to Solar Power Portal, Daniel Roca, UK country manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe, said that the company is placing an emphasis on how much of a customer’s day-to-day energy needs could be met by PV-generated power as opposed to the revenue generated from the feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme. 

A key aspect of the new solar platform is the social nature of the Generaytor solar community. Roca hopes that the social aspect of the platform will encourage a level of transparency and openness within the industry, as generators can share their system’s performance with neighbouring arrays. 

Roca stated: “UK homeowners continue to show tremendous enthusiasm for solar, with 500,000 homes now having solar panels installed on their roofs. This partnership empowers those UK residents who have not yet installed a solar system to virtually experience the energy benefits, as well as the upfront costs, of going solar based on local community knowledge.”

This simulation service will be launched on Panasonic’s UK website as well as a feature on the company’s HIT modules.