Rexel has launched two new websites aimed at end customers and installers and will offer five-year generation guarantees on installs.

The company has relaunched its trading website Natural Sparx as Rexel Energy Solutions and launched the Solar Energeasy portal.

Energeasy will link installers and customers by allowing potential customers to calculate their expected output of a potential PV system and to request a quote for the work. It then provides financial options, a tool to find local installers and ongoing service and maintenance after installation. It will also provide a five-year guarantee that the original generation estimate.


Brian Smithers, strategic development director, Rexel UK, said: “There is clear evidence of the value of solar power for many homes, but consumers are understandably confused by the lack of information, and wary of shelling out for something where they are unclear about the return on investment. Stories of poor quality and badly installed solar panels by less than reputable installers have also damaged confidence in the industry.

“We realised that to get people to trust solar we needed to step in to help homeowners work out whether solar is right for them and allow them to calculate what they could generate to better understand the return on investment,” he added.

“Putting them in touch with trusted installers and offering them access to a range of reliable and safe solar panels from the world’s leading manufacturers, was also key to ensuring a robust installation and maximum generation efficiency over the life of the panels,” said Smithers.

The new Rexel Energy Solutions website includes another route to help homeowners and businesses explore their renewable energy options, including solar, vehicle charging and LED lighting.

“The government has been clear about the direction it wants UK solar to go in with a focus on rooftop projects. Between that and the RHI there are lots of new opportunities and we want to help installers exploit them,” said Jerry Hamilton, director of renewables & energy solutions, Rexel UK.

“Evolution in renewable technologies is gathering pace and it seemed there was no better time than now to re-launch our trading website, Natural Sparx, as Rexel Energy Solutions, to more accurately reflect the ever-expanding range of products and services we offer, as well as the new end demand in the UK market.”

In turn, it offers Rexel’s partner installers with lead generation services and the ability to offer a number of other value-added services.

Rexel will be exhibiting at Solar Energy UK on stand P27