PV monitoring solution manufacturer, Solar-Log, exhibited its Solar Log range for the first time in the UK at Solar Energy UK 2013.

The Solar-Log range for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar plants monitors power generation, consumption, and subsequent savings.

Talking to Solar Power Portal at SEUK 2013, Pawel Jelinksi, Solar-Log area sales manager CEE, said the Solar-Log monitor is compatible with roughly 100 different inverter manufacturers.

Solar-Log has 200,000 plants being monitored, totalling more than 6GW across the world. The data uses a sim card to send data to the Solar Log server which can be accessed online, via apple and android apps, or by GPRS.

On a colour touchscreen, the Solar-Log monitor predicts three days of energy usage, calculating using weather forecasts, providing costs according to utility rates, and reports on demand and earnings.  

Rick McGowan, international technical support for Solar-Log, said: “We get to see our competition at SEUK 2013, because it’s PV specialised it’s the most appropriate venue for us, it’s the best in the UK.”

Jelinksi predicted the monitoring systems are “the future of UK power management”, being already widely used in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Jelinksi said Solar-Log’s ambitions for Solar Energy UK are to promote energy independence with the highest technology, installers can be independent rather than having to go to each site individually to monitor production; it’s a simplification allowing installers more control.”

“There have been many interesting customers, we’ve had more than 50 visitors. We want Solar Log to be a new thing, as most people here are not aware of this, so it’s good to be here to show our product to new customers,” Jelinski said.