This week several news sources have reported that Sharp Solar “could quit the UK” after Government announced its intention to cut solar feed-in tariffs by more than 50 percent from December 12. However, after speaking with the company we can confirm that the module manufacturer has no plans to shut up shop.

Sharp Solar, which employs around 500 people at its manufacturing plant in Wrexham, has this morning sent out a statement outlining that while it is concerned by Government’s proposals, it will remain a player in the UK solar market.

Andrew Lee, Head of International Sales at Sharp Solar explained:

“We are genuinely concerned by the Government’s comprehensive review of the feed-in tariff. We are also particularly critical of the December 12 deadline set for the change in tariff as this will have negative connotations for businesses and individuals with plans already in place to install solar PV that are not able to meet this short deadline.”

As a direct result of these changes, Sharp will review its business model in order to cope with the cuts.

“This review timeframe is unrealistic, and like any good business we have to review our position and our offering in line with market changes. We have written to the prime minister to communicate these points,” he said.

Yet, despite reporting to the contrary, Lee confirmed that Sharp does not intend to move out of the UK, and will certainly not close the Wrexham facility.

“There are no plans to shut our manufacturing plant in Wrexham. There have been workforce fluctuations at our plant in response to variable demand within the European market. Decisions made by the UK and other European governments do affect our industry and we will continue to monitor the current Feed-in-tariff proposals and the potential impact it will have on the UK PV industry,” Lee concluded.