Solar manufacturer Trina Solar has now completed the installation of a new solar system at the headquarters of the Lotus F1 Team in Enstone, Oxfordshire. Capable of producing more than 30,000kWh of solar energy each year, the system will be used to power the new Lotus F1 Team simulator, which reproduces lifelike driving conditions for research and optimisation without putting a real car on a racetrack.

The rooftop system was completed as an extension of the partnership between the two companies, which has been in place for almost three years.

The installation process took just two days, using the ‘drop-in’ Trinamount system which eliminates the use of long rails and reduces the number of parts needed.

“We have been working with Lotus F1 Team for nearly three years now and this latest deployment of our technology is the next step in the team’s drive towards renewably sourced energy,” said Ben Hill, Head of Trina Solar Europe.

Meanwhile Eric Boullier, the Lotus F1 Team Principal, said: “This installation of a Trina Solar PV system reflects our continued commitment to renewable energy. Enstone is a Local Wildlife Site due to the value and botanical interest in the unimproved limestone grassland that is included on the site; in addition we are also a site of natural landscape significance due to the flora and fauna.

“The PV array powered by Trina Solar provides significant energy generation that fits our surrounding environment. Both the Lotus F1 Team and Trina Solar not only showcase the important role renewable energy can play within an organisation, but also how it will play a greater role in the future within the wider Formula 1 industry, and the entire world as well.”