The solar-powered EV charging hub will help Silverstone reduce its carbon emissions. Image: 3ti.

3ti has confirmed that three pop-up solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs have been installed at Silverstone.

Dubbed Papilio3, the solar-powered EV charging hubs are made using recycled shipping containers and has a solar capacity of just under 20kWp. The three solar car parks can charge 12 EVs at 7, 11 or 22kW, the company said.

Previous coverage by Solar Power Portal indicated that each Papilio3 has three modular canopies that support 36 solar panels, as well as a battery storage capacity of up to 250kWh.

One of the three units at Silverstone will be enhanced by 1MW of energy supplied from an existing solar array on the roof of the Wing International Conference and Exhibition Centre. This is part of Silverstone’s sustainability strategy, which aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“Our Shift to Zero initiative is well underway as we strive to improve sustainability across the venue. We are always looking at ways to further reduce our carbon footprint, and installing solar-powered EV charging was an obvious step,” said Stuart Pringle, managing director of Silverstone.

“We were drawn to Papilio3 because of the speed at which the solution could be deployed and the number of charge points immediately available for use by staff and visitors. We can’t wait to see the solar car parks in full use as we head into our busiest period.”

Combining solar, battery storage and EV charging can help reduce energy costs by helping to avoid using the grid during peak times, giving businesses greater control over energy supply, according to 3ti.

The first Papilio3 unit was unveiled at Surrey Research Park in Guildford on 27 May 2022. The site is part of the University of Surrey, and home to over 200 businesses, including the likes of Airbus and BAE Systems.

In June 2022, 3ti hit 100% of its funding target of £500,000 in less than an hour.

“The UK urgently needs more widespread EV charging infrastructure, and we would encourage more businesses to take Silverstone’s lead by installing charging onsite,” said Andrew Troop, sales director at 3ti.

“We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their sustainability targets via the use of planet-friendly solar power as we transition towards a better future of electric mobility and sustainable fuels. Papilio3 is a rapidly deployable, simple to install solution that can genuinely fast-track an organisation’s progress to reducing their carbon footprint and those of their staff and visitors.”