Viridian Solar has announced that six of its roof-integrated solar PV and solar thermal panels have achieved MCS 012 accreditation.

The accreditation extends to three sizes of the company’s Clearline thermal panels, matching PV panels and four styles of roofing kits.

Viridian’s range of accredited products significantly bolsters the range of products that are currently MCS 012 accredited. In December last year, Solar Power Portal revealed that just five products had been approved under the new regulations which are due to be implemented in March this year.    

Commenting on the process, KT Tan, technical director at Viridian Solar said: “We were confident that our Clearline thermal and PV products would sail through the MCS012 accreditation. The weather-tightness, fire resistance and wind resistance of the products have already been extensively assessed as a result of our decision to test our products as roofing materials. 

“The British Board of Agrement (BBA) exceeded the MCS012 testing in a number of important ways, for example weather-tightness was assessed with a pressure difference across the roof simulating the action of wind, and the product was artificially aged to ensure that its performance did not deteriorate over time.”

Industry has expressed concerns that the ‘rigorous’ testing process to achieve the MCS 012 standard could lead to a lack of accredited products which could negatively impact the sector when the new standards are introduced.