SMA Solar UK has launched two new transformerless inverters in the UK solar market. Complementing its Sunny Boy product range, the inverters feature 97 percent efficiency and have been designed as a more flexible alternative to SMA's classic Sunny Boy 2500/3000 and Sunny Boy 2500/3000HF inverters.

The Sunny Boy 2500TLST-21 and Sunny Boy 3000TLST-21 models come with a single MPP tracker and allow for maximum DC input voltage of 750V. Both models also have the option of an ESS DC switch disconnector, which removes the requirement for an external DC Isolator and therefore reduces the installation costs.

The inverter range, which is fitted with the SunClix system, is designed to be easier and faster to install. Both models are compliant with the new Guide to the Installation of Photovoltaic Systems which supercedes the current DTI Guidelines.

James Martin, Sales Manager, SMA Solar UK, said: “In our commitment to improving the ease of installation and efficiency of our inverters, the Sunny Boy 2500 and 3000TLST-21 have been developed by responding to the needs of the PV market.”

 “Maximising our product portfolio is essential to meet the demand for high system efficiencies and to exceed the industry guidelines recommended minimum standards.”