In a bid to promote the solar industry to the masses, SMA Solar UK has launched its first end-user campaign.

The solar inverter manufacturer, which has seen success worldwide, will aim to penetrate the consumer end of the market with its series of cross-media initiatives. SMA hopes to not only raise awareness of solar power, but also to educate the public that there is more to a solar installation than the panels.

SMA also hopes to dispel the myths surrounding solar energy and the feed-in tariff, as many consumers currently feel that they have missed the boat.

The inverter manufacturer’s Life Shines Brighter campaign (image on the right) will build on raising this awareness by displaying how, by utilising efficient products, householders generate more energy and therefore maximise the benefits of solar power.

Paul Boylin, Marketing Manager, SMA Solar UK, said: “We are delighted with the creative for Life Shines Brighter and are hugely grateful to our agency, Robots on the Run, who worked tirelessly to design a campaign that will influence householders to consider PV in an engaging, emotional and thought provoking way.”

“The strategic positioning of Life shines Brighter enables SMA to better support our distribution partners and our loyal installers by creating confidence and security amongst the end-user community by raising their understanding of investing in PV as a lifestyle choice and the impact that choosing the right inverter has on their return on investment”, said Henry Dziuba, Managing Director, SMA Solar UK.

“Whilst Life Shines Brighter is still very much in its infancy, the launch into end-user communication marks another milestone in SMA’s commitment to maintaining and improving our support to customers from across the spectrum of PV to optimise the return on their investment.”