SMA Solar UK, a subsidiary of solar inverter provider SMA, will feature a portfolio of new solutions as part of its showcase at Solar Energy UK 2015.

Products such as the Sunny Boy 1.5/2.5 for small PV systems and domestic energy management with the SMA Smart Home stand as a few of the innovations that the company is set to highlight during the event in Birmingham.

SMA will also hold a presentation for a limited audience to discuss the SMA Medium Voltage Power Station 2200SC/2500SC, which was developed in collaboration with Siemens. The solution can be utilised in large-scale PV power plants, is suitable for outdoor installation and boasts a compact design.

Boris Wolff, executive vice president of the SMA Utility business unit, said: “All components of the container solution are perfectly coordinated with each other, preassembled and tested. The amount of work required for connection on-site is minimal. We thereby enable our customers all over the world to implement large-scale photovoltaic projects with maximum overall efficiency and a high return on investment in the shortest possible time.”

SMA is also set to exhibit a new system solution for commercial systems with the Sunny Tripower 60 inverter. The company is also poised to add to the Sunny Tripower (STP) family with the STP 20000TL/25000T — which boasts both the “Integrated Plant Control” and “Q on Demand 24/7” network management functions.

In an effort to develop a central communication unit for system monitoring, SMA is also offering the new SMA Cluster Controller, which is able to record data and operate smaller-scale PV projects that are comprised of up to 25 inverters.

As part of its plan to make energy accessible to a wider base of customers, SMA is also promoting a special offer on Sunny Boy 240 micro inverters as part of a partnership with authorized SMA distributors in Benelux, France and the UK. Until 31 December 2015, installers can earn a free Multigate and cabling with a purchase of twelve SMA micro inverters.