Inverter manufacturer SMA Solar has revealed that its Sunny Island range of inverters with built-in storage have received G59/2 accreditation.

The accreditation allows the inverter range to be used in self consumption and/or energy storage systems in the UK.

The company describes the certification as ‘one of the first big milestones’ in pushing energy storage into the mainstream market. SMA has been working collaboratively with renewables distributor CCL components, who has worked in the off-grid DC market for a number of years.   

Ken Hobbs, Technical Director of CCL explains why energy storage is important to the UK solar sector he said: “Self consumption is now financially viable, and with inevitable increasing electricity prices this helps protect users from not only possible blackouts, but also rising electricity bills.

Paul R Brooks, managing director of CCL Components added: “Self consumption not only safeguards your home or business it also saves money by using the power generated in a more efficient way.

“We see this as a great opportunity for MCS installers to return to all of their past installations and use this as an opportunity to offer a retrofit system to enhance their current installation.”

CCL will be holding six training sessions during Solar Energy UK at the Installer Central area were the company will provide details on how the self-consumption systems work and the benefits for the customer. CCL will also be holding further training events in Glasgow and Milton Keynes, on a date to be announced.