Milton Keynes-based inverter manufacturer, SMA Solar UK, has launched its new domestic solar monitoring device, the Sunny View.

The Sunny View device will show users live generation data by connecting with up to twelve inverters using Bluetooth technology.

The portable 5” touch screen display clearly displays electricity yield and CO2 avoidance, allowing users to maximise their investment by smartly controlling their consumption.  

The inbuilt SD card slot allows data to be retrieved and downloaded from an inverter for further, detailed analysis. The system’s inbuilt audio and visual alarm also provides customers with a clear warning if there is a problem with the solar array.  

However, the Sunny view is not only limited to PV data. The display is also capable of pulling down various other online data including, news, weather forecasts and even social networking feeds.

Jan Van Laetham, Managing Director, SMA UK commented: “SMA are committed to setting new standards in intelligent monitoring solutions for domestic solar PV systems. We understand the ever-changing needs of end-users and our new products reflect this keeping SMA firmly at the forefront of solar PV innovation”.