According to newly released figures, independent energy company SmartestEnergy has paid out more to renewable generators in the first year of the feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme than any other supplier.

Statistics published by Ofgem reveal SmartestEnergy paid out £1.75 million, which equates to almost 16% of the total £11.07 million paid out by all licensed suppliers in the financial year beginning April 2010.

Robert Groves, Chief Executive of SmartestEnergy commented on the results: “They demonstrate that despite the dominance of the major utilities in the energy market, smaller players can still play a very important role in providing a better value choice.”

“We are continuing to see very strong interest in new projects which is encouraging given the increasing role smaller-scale generation will play in helping meet climate change targets and ensuring security of supply,” said Groves.

SmartestEnergy focuses on commercial-scale independent projects, typically with more than 50kW capacity.