In the wake of Government’s recent feed-in tariff announcement independent generation consolidator SmartestEnergy is calling for a single rate for all FiT projects in the UK.

Arguing that a single rate would provide the best environment to support long-term investment, SmartestEnergy suggests having the same rate for both domestic and commercial solar projects, putting forward a figure in the region of 15p-19p/kWh.

“Solar panel technology is the same regardless of the size of installation and there is limited potential for economies of scale. Given that, we believe there should be no unjustified distinction between domestic and commercial rates,” said Colin Prestwich, Head of Regulation at SmartestEnergy.

“Having significantly different tariff rates threatens to slow the growth of renewables. At the end of the day, renewable energy is renewable energy and it should make no difference where it comes from.”

SmartestEnergy also suggested a tariff in the region of 15-19p applying to all solar projects as part of its official response to DECC’s fast-track review of the feed-in tariff earlier this year.