SMA has partnered with the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) to launch a new children’s book designed to explain the impact of fossil fuels and renewable energy.

Available free-of-charge to SMA UK distributors, installers and schools, the book brings to life SMA’s very own character, Smork,  to engage children aged 5-10 years old on the importance of renewable energy.

Smork in Suntown follows the story of a curious 5 year old girl, Betty, who asks her parents what fossil fuels and global warming are. She gets a surprise visit from Smork who takes Betty and her family on a wonderful tour of how the sun can be used to make electricity.

This engaging story and beautifully illustrated book has brought a fresh and new dimension to talking about PV technology to children and will be used as an education tool by schools and parents alike to capture focus and sustain children’s attention.

SMA hopes that Smork in Suntown will help form the basis of effective education programs and lesson plans in schools to help deliver solar PV facts for children in a way that will make them proactive advocates of solar power.

Paul Boylin, Marketing Manager for SMA Solar UK, said: ‘At SMA we are proud to play a role in empowering children to embrace solar power and the impact it has on their planet, not only at school but beyond the classroom.’