Man installing solar panels. An electrician or engineer works with solar panels. Image: Adobe Stock

Man installing solar panels. An electrician or engineer works with solar panels. Image: Adobe Stock

So Energy is quadrupling its Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff to 20p/kWh for customers installing their own domestic So Energy branded solar and battery system.

The company is also increasing its default SEG tariff by 50% from 5p to 7.5p, which is available to any UK household that has a domestic-scale renewable generator, even if they aren’t with So Energy

Export tariffs for UK domestic solar owners have been at lows of around 5p /kWh for a considerable time, but companies like Octopus, OVO and ScottishPower have recently announced uplifts to their basic export tariffs to lure the increasing number of UK households with domestic solar installations.

Customers that get solar panels and a battery installed by So Energy can benefit from the 20p export rate, even if So Energy isn’t their energy provider.

Households with domestic renewable generation already installed who join So Energy for SEG are eligible for the new So Export Flex rate of 7.5p. This is available to all customers “regardless who installed it, when it was installed, or who their energy supplier is”, So Energy said.

Charlie Davies, co-founder of So Energy said: “we are committed to helping customers reduce their environmental impact and move towards a net-zero lifestyle. Everyone should be able to play a role in, and benefit from, reaching net zero. Suppliers like us can be critical enablers of this, and this is why we’ve increased our standard rate for all export customers by 50%, and quadrupled it for customers that buy a Battery and Solar system through us.”

In 2020, So Energy launched its solar and storage offer to customers. In 2022, the company aimed to raise £50 million in capital as the energy sector remained volatile due to the ongoing energy crisis and skyrocketing wholesale gas prices. In December 2022, the company said it was no longer looking for additional funding.

Solar Power Portal looked at the SEG tariffs offered by UK energy companies in February 2022.