Image: Social Energy.

UK based smart energy technology provider Social Energy has expanded into Australia with a new solar and storage offer in its first step outside its home market.

The company is partnering with Duracell to offer a system that utilises its artificial intelligence platform and virtual power plant technology to save Australian households as much as $2,182 (approx. £1,200) in the first year.

As part of the customer proposition, Social Energy is offering a feed-in tariff of 40c (approx. £0.22) per kWh, an amount unseen in the country for almost a decade, according to the company.

Customers will receive this export tariff for the first 300kWh they export each quarter, following which there will be a secondary standard feed-in tariff, that is still higher than the average in the regions of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland where the customer proposition is being launched.

In the UK, Social Energy’s Solar Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff won out as well, offering the highest level at 5.6p per kWh when the scheme was launched in January.

Chris Parratt, managing director Australia, Social Energy, said the company was delighted to be rolling out in Australia as the “financial and environmental impact for people here is huge.”

“Our ground-breaking technology is a complete game changer for our users, making the combination of solar and battery storage offer better returns than solar on its own. It will support millions of homeowners in becoming more independent from the grid.

“Having been involved in some major steps forward in the Australian energy market, I’m extremely excited to be pioneering the next big leap – with an energy plan that finally makes batteries a sensible investment for Australian families.”

Social Energy has partnered with Duracell for the expansion, offering customers access to the impressive lithium-ion Duracell Energy Bank 2.

SolaX is also set to provide battery technology, with more battery suppliers to follow in early 2021.

The cost of the system, combining solar panels, a battery and Social Energy install is approximately $12,000 (approx. £6600) for a 6.6kWp tier 1 solar installation and an 11.6kWh SolaX battery system, connected with a Social Energy Hub. There are finance packages and government grants available additionally, to help homeowners who may be interested.

Australia is seeing long-term sustainable growth in the solar sector, with around 23,000 new residential installations each month, quickly expanding the 2.5 million homes that already have a solar system.