Wirsol Solar UK has launched a new trade division, making it possible for photovoltaics installers to have access to products at wholesale prices around the clock. The Solar4Trade website will supply high performance products at a competitive cost to all those working in the country’s solar industry.

“The UK trade, from firms of a comparable size to ours, to the small independent installer – the life blood of the residential market here in the UK – is welcome, as from midday today, to check out the all-new Solar4Trade e-commerce site, by creating an account at www.solar4trade.co.uk. Once registered anyone can now check prices and place orders at any time of day or night,” said Wirsol’s Sales and Marketing Director, Christopher Tate.

“We are branding this new division as Solar4Trade, to allow a decent ‘Chinese Wall’ between our own commercial and residential sales and installation operations, and the vitally important trade side of our group, which will build upon a decade of top level experience in Germany,” he continued.

Solar4Trade will work by selecting and distributing the world’s top performing solar equipment brands. The company will also ensure that these products have been thoroughly tested at its own test Solar Park at Bruhrain, Germany.  Solar4Trade will also try and ensure that orders are dispatched from warehouses within two working days.

“The solar industry is a people business as well as a green, exciting challenge.  We are proud to launch Solar4Trade and look forward to meeting all our clients around the UK in due course, either online, here in Northamptonshire, or at their premises – we are sure we can offer you a great deal,” concluded Tate.
The new website will also offer various levels of solar industry consultancy, including grid-connection assistance and accredited training.