Northumberland-based Natural Technology Development has signed a three year manufacturing deal with Romag to launch NTD’s Solar Angel hybrid photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal panel on the UK market.

As reported on Solar Power Portal in September, the Solar Angel panel is expected to receive full MCS and Solar Keymark certification by the end of the year. It will be the first solar PV-T panel on the UK market. Following a successful solicitation of £180,000 of funding in September, NTD will begin fund raising for investment again shortly. The next round of funding is expected to go in part towards launching Solar Angel in overseas markets.

Solar Angel PV-T generates hot water and electricity from a dual generation panel and has a cooling system that NTD and Romag both describe as ‘unique’ in generating more electricity than from a system featuring PV alone. NTD claims the panel can be fully integrated with other renewable energy technologies including wind turbines and heat pumps.

Romag will manufacture Solar Angel panels at the company’s premises in Consett, County Durham. NTD plans to launch the product at Ecobuild in March 2014.