Dartford-based solar installer, Enevis, faced a unique set of problems when installing a major solar PV array at private medical insurance group AXA PPP’s Tunbridge Wells offices. The tall, town centre office block only allowed limited access to the roof through an enclosed central courtyard.

Simon Coomber, Contracts Manager at Dartford-based Enevis, explained: “The biggest challenge we faced was to get scaffolding into the small interior courtyard. This had to be brought in through the main office and then passed out of windows one pole at a time.

“With the building containing more than 500 members of staff, we carefully programmed the work around office hours, erecting the scaffolding and carrying out the bulk of the installation during weekends, early in the morning and in the evenings.

“The project was carried out over three weeks in a bid to restrict disruption to the office complex and the staff of AXA PPP.”

The 43kWp system was divided across two distinct roof spaces and its —- solar modules are expected to help AXA generate annual electricity savings of £3,700. Enevis estimates that the solar array will generate around £9,000 in feed-in tariff income every year that will total approximately £472,000 over the tariff’s lifetime.   

Laurence Gomersall, from Douglas Moat consultants, employed by AXA PPP to manage the installation, said: “We were very impressed with everyone at Enevis.

“Their engineers were as keen as we were to ensure the installation was carried out in a professional manner and were happy to work closely with us throughout the three-week project.

Gomersall concluded: “Their dedication to working outside of AXA PPP hours and general commitment to the task in hand saw the installation run smoothly and without adversely affecting working conditions for the client and their employees.”