Solar PV could help meet one-sixth of Scotland’s electricity requirements, according to energy experts at University of Edinburgh.

In a report that assesses solar’s potential contribution to Scottish energy, scientists note that the ambitious milestone could be achieved by installing solar arrays across 250,000 Scottish roofs.

The project also estimates that embracing solar could help one in three Scottish households who currently struggle with energy costs. In addition, the report talks up the potential of the technology to meet renewable targets, create jobs and ensure the energy needs of more remote areas are met.

To help illustrate the report’s findings, experts are holding an event to raise awareness of solar technology in Scottish Parliament today.

Commenting on the potential of solar in Scotland, Dr Neil Robertson from the University of Edinburgh's School of Chemistry, said: “The plummeting cost means that large-scale solar power is coming to Scotland whether we realise it or not. The key priority is to recognise this, so that we can start planning to maximise the social, environmental and business benefits it will bring us.”

Scientists say many people are not yet aware that solar power can be generated effectively in Scotland. They point out that Germany – with a climate similar to Scotland – produces more energy using solar panels than any other country.

The study was supported by the Scottish Institute for Solar Energy Research, the Scottish Solar Energy Group, the Energy Technology Partnership, AES Solar and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.