Solar Electric is launching a brand new range of ‘EcoGlass’ solar panels at Solar Energy UK that are suitable for both rooftop overlay and building integrated applications. 

The 100% European manufactured PV glass/glass panels can deliver up to 15% more electricity per day. EcoGlass panels start to generate electricity earlier and stop generating later than most other panels, resulting in extra hours of power generation per day, the manufacturer claims.

The panels incorporate Solar Electric’s European in-house developed and manufactured proprietary pyramid structure PERC technology PV cells which, combined with anti-reflective front glass and special PVB bonding process, ensure a wider light spectrum waveband sensitivity and light absorption.

The panels come with a 30-year performance guarantee and a performance degradation of just 10% after 20 years. EcoGlass panels are available in a choice of 12 colours and optional customised pattern design print matched cells, foils and glass, enabling architects and installers to achieve perfect balance and harmony of solar installations with rooftop, ground mounted and BIPV building designs and sensitive background environments.