Solar Energy Savings Ltd has been wound-up by the High Court in Manchester following a petition presented by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills following an investigation by Company Investigations of The Insolvency Service.

The investigation found that the Manchester-based solar company engaged in serious mis-selling tactics including: claiming that the company was part of a Government-backed scheme that would offer discounts of up to 30 percent off an install, but only for either a limited number of period of time.

The company was also accused of high-pressure sales tactics that would target the elderly or vulnerable. Sales pitches would often last for longer than two hours. 

Solar Energy Savings was not certified by MCS nor a member of the REAL Consumer Code, instead it worked closely with a number of companies who were. Following a number of complaints the REAL was able to provide supporting evidence at trial.

Commenting on the case, Virginia Graham, Chief Executive of REAL, said: “It is quite unacceptable for companies to prey on consumers in this way, inducing them to part with their hard-earned savings on false pretences. These mis-selling practices bring the whole sector into disrepute and will not be tolerated.”

During the case Solar Energy savings did not deny the charges brought against it. Commenting on the case, Scott Crighton, Investigation Supervisor said: “Solar Energy Savings Ltd persistently and deliberately flouted both statutory regulations and scheme in order to induce members of the public into signing a contract.

“These proceedings make clear that the Insolvency Service will take firm and decisive action to protect the public against such objectionable practices.”