Sturge Mazzocchi, business development manager at Solar Energy UK at the opening of the Installer Training Hub. Image: Solar Energy UK.

This year at Solar & Storage Live, the first Installer Training Hub was launched by Solar Energy UK and MCS.

Throughout the three days of the conference, solar industry training providers ran dedicated sessions on Solar PV Module and Mounting, Inverter and Battery Storage installation and commissioning.

“Not having enough skilled workers to fulfil the demand for solar installations presents a significant risk for the UK’s net zero ambitions,” said Sturge Mazzocchi, business development manager at Solar Energy UK.

“In response, six months ago, Solar and Storage Live, Solar Energy UK and MCS embarked upon a journey toward making a small dream a reality: producing a brand-new annual Installer Training Hub showcase. This brought together expert training providers to deliver workshops and practical demonstrations dedicated to solar PV module and mounting, plus inverter and battery storage installation and commissioning. It included demonstration rigs, showcasing the various methods by which solar panels can be installed and how to calibrate and commission the very latest solar PV and storage systems.”

The hub was designed as a centre for professional development, for both those new to the industry and experience installers, presenting the every latest products and technologies launched on the market.

A GSE Integration training session being run at the Hub. Image: Solar Energy UK.

As the rollout of solar in the UK continues a pace, the job market in the sector is booming and is expected to continue to grow. For example, if the sector saw fivefold growth as targeted in the British Energy Security Strategy earlier this year, it could support 60,000 jobs by 2035.

To reach this further training is needed, and already schemes like Solar Skills London programme – which was launched in 2021 by Solar Energy UK and the Mayor of London – are working to provide this.

The Installer Training Hub offered an additional sourcing of training to the 13,000 visitors of the Solar & Storage Live conference in Birmingham NEC over 18-20 October.

“I extend a sincere thank you to all partners, training providers and manufacturers, together we trained over 600 people from a pool of installers both existing and new, who descended on Solar and Storage Live from around the country last week and returned with vital new installer skills for the future. This will have a powerful real-world impact – and not only this year. With the viability of the Installer Training Hub proven, it will continue to upskill workers for many years to come,” finished

“The hub’s launch was a very proud moment for us all.”

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