With a base of over 5GW of PV installed the UK is the darling of the European solar market. But are you making the most of the UK’s resurgent position?

The Solar Energy UK Installer Roadshows have been designed to help you get ahead of the curve in 2015 whatever your role in the industry: developer, financier, investor, EPC, manufacturer or O&M provider. Join us as we bring the market together.

Designed for the benefit of UK solar installers, the roadshow will showcase the UK’s nascent commercial rooftop market and look at how installers can develop a business case capable of catching a finance director’s eye.

The roadshows will also help shed some light on the murky world of changing MCS standards, helping you understand how these changes will affect your company.

Are you looking at new technologies this year to help generate some crucial additional revenue? Get ahead of the game by attending the Solar Energy UK Installer Roadshows where the most prominent industry experts will be giving you their opinion on storage, electric vehicles, renewable heating and, most importantly, how you can sell them to your customers.

Solar Energy UK Installer Roadshows will run from 9-13 February 2015 and 23-27 February 2015 in major cities across the UK.

Tuesday 10 Feb                     Surrey

Wednesday 11 Feb                Somerset

Thursday 12 Feb                   Manchester


Tuesday 24 Feb                     Edinburgh

Wednesday 25 Feb                Yorkshire

Thursday 26 Feb                    Leicester