PVcase’s 2.0 software. Image: PVcase.

Solar engineering company PVcase has launched the second iteration of its design software.

PVcase 2.0 will provide engineers with the ability to produce location and time-based shading projections, and their impact on generation along with other civil design tools. Engineers can optimise system economics and address design challenges at a much earlier stages in projects.

In particular, as solar designers work with more complex terrain restrictions and shading scenarios, software like PVcase can help engineers “stay ahead of the curve”.

“The ability to assess and mitigate shading losses in a few seconds saves an enormous amount of engineering time each day”, explained David Trainavicius, CEO and founder of PVcase.

The initial offering from PVcase has now been used in over 50 countries, including in the UK where Solarcentury has used it to design and deploy projects.

PVcase 2.0 leverages a solar position algorithm developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

“NREL’s algorithm has been an invaluable asset for modeling PVcase’s shading analysis capability. NREL are clear leaders in this space and have proved to deliver reliable results over the years. They were an easy choice for us” , said Douglas Geist, chief partnerships officer at PVcase.