A live TV show exploring how businesses can save money on energy bills is to be hosted online today.

The show questions a study funded by installer, Westinghouse Solar, which found 75% of businesses do not know how much they spend on electricity.

Government energy and solar panel schemes could save businesses thousands of pounds a year, the live web TV show, today at 1.30pm, hopes to expand awareness amongst the UK business community on how to save on energy bills.

The show will feature founder and publisher of Blue and Green Tomorrow, Simon Leadbetter, and Westinghouse Solar director, James Carpenter.

The study by Westinghouse that found that since 2010, energy bills for businesses have risen 37% – but most businesses are unaware of the huge price hike.

In February, another study found that Brits have a ‘split personality’ on energy efficiency, taking measures at home, but leaving them out at the office.

The show aims to inform on the UK government drive to get schools, hospitals and businesses to install solar panels. The web debate will look at government incentives and schemes, how easy they are to use, what investments are needed, and any savings that could be made.

The drive for business and local authorities to reduce energy use could help aid in the national target for 15% renewable energy by 2020, which the UK is currently set to miss, and calls for a binding 2030 EU renewable energy target.

The rooftop push correlates with the UK government’s Solar Strategy, and its recent move away from large scale solar farms, as the Department of Energy and Climate Change reviews support for large scale solar

The show can be viewed below and questions can also be submitted to be asked live. The Twitter hashtag is #OneSmallStep.