Following the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) awarding of a £7 million loan to the Green deal Finance Company, a host of solar companies have come forward to announce their involvement in the scheme.  

Nottingham-based solar installer, EvoEnergy, has announced that it will be joining the not-for-profit organisation to enable the company to expand its offering and deliver the widest possible array of energy efficiency measures for its domestic customers.  

Commenting on the move, EvoEnergy CEO, Dr Hard said “We’re delighted to have joined The Green Deal Finance Company; it’s an exciting time for the Green Deal as the scheme is gaining momentum.  As a company we’re looking forward to helping as many customers as possible control their energy future and combat rising household bills.  We’re already set up to offer a number of the existing Green Deal measures, and we’re keen to see which other measures DECC introduces.”

Renewable energy installer, BritishEco has also announced that it will be joining the Green Deal Finance Company. The move follows the company’s involvement as a Green Deal Pioneer Provider and  will enable BritishEco to provide finance to customers installing measures covered under the Green Deal.

Tony O’Connor, Managing Director of BritishEco, said: “We are very happy to have become a member of The Green Deal Finance Company. Having worked with Government through the various stages of development of the Green Deal, we are pleased to add Green Deal Finance to the list of services that we can provide. We are confident that the Green Deal will be a success and are excited to open doors to many more home owners, tenants and businesses enabling them to install energy efficient measures whilst cutting their carbon emissions and energy bills.”

Paul Davies, Partner at PwC, one of the founding companies behind The Green Deal Finance Company Limited concluded:  “DECC’s support for The Green Deal Finance Company is fantastic news for the industry. Our members, both private and public, are committed to the Green Deal to lower carbon emissions and address fuel poverty.  For the Green Deal Finance Company to access the cheapest sources of finance, we need a strong credit rating and a first rate loans administration capability.  This funding will allow us to meet those objectives.”