Despite the UK becoming Europe’s largest ground-mount solar market in 2015, just 16 developers have completed more than 100MW of UK projects, according to statistics to be revealed in Solar Intelligence’s upcoming UK Large-Scale Ground-Mount Solar UK report.

The report reveals that 16 project developers fall into the top-tier project developer category, the entrance conditions for which are to have successfully developed more than 100MW of sites that have gone on to be energised.

Lightsource Renewable Energy sits atop the group, having developed more than 1GW of UK PV assets. However the London-based developer is followed by a group of four developers who are closely matched: Lark, Hive, British Solar Renewables and Vogt.

According to the newly-appointed Head of Solar Intelligence at Solar Media, Finlay Colville: “Data amassed by Solar Media during its extensive engagement with the UK solar industry in recent years shows some very clear trends in the landscape for ground-mount activity today.

“While there are clear leaders that have been around in the ground-mount segment since 2011, a huge amount of new entrants appeared during 2013 and 2014 and played a large part in making this segment of the UK the most important in Europe today.”

Colville continued by warning those new to the UK market to recognise the breadth of potential customers in the UK ground-mount sector, stating: “Anyone currently seeking to maintain or grow market-share in UK ground-mount activity in the next 12 months now needs to be factoring in a much wider mix of customers and suppliers, and not just focusing on the top-10.”

The upcoming UK Large-Scale Ground-Mount Solar UK report will be available to purchase on 1 July and will provide:

  • Top-500 companies active in the UK large-scale, ground-mount sector

  • Ranked tier categories based on level of success of each company

  • Contact details for top-500 companies

  • Role of top-500 companies within full value-chain

  • All relevant developers, EPCs, ICPs, PPA off-takers, component suppliers, planners, sub-contractors, site owners and more.

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