Solar Made Easy has launched a new lead generation service designed to benefit both installers and consumers. The new website will offer independent advice to consumers about domestic solar panel installations in order to help them make an informed buying decision.

Cara Meehan, Managing Director of Solar Made Easy, believes that miss-sold sales actually cost the installers’ effort, time and, more importantly, expense. The young entrepreneur also believes that due to the confusion surrounding the solar market, it is vitally important to educate and manage the expectations and capabilities of installers, to generate high-quality, self-verified leads and, once they have spoken to the installers, make the consumer more aware of the requirements of solar PV installation on their property.

“Solar energy should be able to sell itself, without the need for Government intervention. However, at the present time this is something which cannot be relied upon and, therefore, by providing the consumer with as much information as possible, and helping them to make an informed buying decision, this benefits all parties, especially the MCS installers,” Meehan concluded.