Solar Monkey has expanded its team to cater for UK growth. Image: Solar Monkey.

Netherlands-based software company Solar Monkey is set to launch its offering to the UK to boost productivity for solar installers.

The firm, which won Deloitte's ‘Most Disruptive Innovator’ award in 2019, offers a software which aims to speed up the process of solar installations.

According to the company, the software –  based on advanced algorithms, aerial photos and 3D models – helps installers to manage the volume of interest surrounding solar photovoltaics (PV).

The UK is experiencing a surge in interest in solar PV as reported by clean energy company, Egg, who reported in September 2022 that it had seen enquiries for solar panels rise by 830% in four months.

In a statement, Solar Monkey said that “designing and quoting for a project could take hours, with five quotes needed and an engineer doing much of the work. Solar Monkey’s process takes minutes and can be done by anyone, potentially delivering big productivity gains”.

Solar Monkey also believes that, by spending less time on operational processes, installers can double their output.

The software is assured to be compatible with all major brands of panel, inverter and battery.

Solar Monkey raised €4 million (£3.45 million) in growth capital in August 2022 to fund its continuing growth and mounting impact.

Jan Pieter Versluijs, CEO and co-founder of Solar Monkey, said: “The market is ready for exponential growth – we’re helping installers make the most of it.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in solar in the UK and we believe this trend will accelerate. People are increasingly aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions in response to climate change. Now, energy price rises driven by Russia’s actions are hitting hard. The transition is well under way and increased efficiency plays a big part.”