Solar PV installed under Phase One now represents 16% of all installations. Image: Maria Godfrida (Pixabay).

As of the end of November 2021, there were 472 solar PV installations under Phase Two of the Local Authority Delivery of the Green Homes Grant.

This represents 50% of all measures installed under the second phase so far, with 952 measures installed in total. This also includes 342 insulation installations (36%) and 89 air source heat pump installations (9%).

Meanwhile, installations of solar PV under Phase One have reached 1,867. This is equivalent to 16%, a rise of 1% on last month’s statistics and a significant rise on March 2021, when there had been just four solar PV installations.

The estimated total annual bill savings for solar PV installed in Phase One is £190,000, the third highest saving enabled by technology installed through the scheme. The highest is solid wall insulation (£620,000), with the second being heat pumps (£220,000).

Phase One of the scheme allocated £200 million in grants to over 136 local authorities for delivery by March 2022. Phase Two allocated £300 million in grants to five Local Net Zero Hubs, which are working with their regional local authorities to deliver energy efficiency upgrades to up to 300,000 homes across England.