Image: Aggreko.

UK-based temporary power company Aggreko has launched a new rental scheme for solar PV and battery storage systems.

The 1MW systems comprise of the company’s panels, with a single-axis tracking system to improve energy delivery by 10-20%. Aggreko Solar Power combines PV string inverters with containerised controls to improve resilience through reduced installation time.

These can be integrated with the company’s battery storage products, as well as its thermal generators, and together controlled using intelligent software.

The system can be rented for a minimum of five years, with the company saying this will help to keep financial and technical commitment low, as there is no upfront CAPEX required.

Deployment time is around three to four months, and Aggreko says that their systems have low O&M requirements making the system well suited for use in harsh and remote environments, supporting weak or off-grid applications.

Aggreko Solar Power is designed for ease of deployment, explained Karim Wazni, managing director of Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions, “thanks to relatively quick off-grid implementation, as well as financial, with no requirement of significant upfront costs”.

“Our goal is to offer the widest and most flexible range of mobile and modular solutions, including off-grid renewable energy systems such as this one, as a plug-and-play service for short or long-term needs”.

The launch of Aggreko Solar Power comes after the successful installation of panels and a battery storage system at the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia. More than 23,000 panels were installed at the site, together with a 2MW/1MWh battery system, which will support Aggreko’s existing 27MW gas fired power station at the mine.