Solar Schools was borne out of the realisation that schools across the UK are keen to install renewables and cut their carbon emissions but lacked sufficient capital to do so.

The innovative scheme harnesses the latest in online fund-raising techniques to galvanise local support, allowing schools to invest in carbon and cost-cutting solar panels.

A spokesman for 10:10 said: “We knew, from our work at 10:10, that people, and schools in particular, can do incredible things if they are just given the right tools, support and motivation.

“With Solar Schools we try to do just that. We provide on and offline resources, training and support to help incredible schools across the UK to crowd-fund the cost of solar panel installation. They'll be calling on their communities – near and far – to get behind them as they start on their ambitious journeys. And that's really what Solar Schools is all about – using the power of people and communities to demonstrate just how we can start to create more sustainable communities.”

From this week, schools across the country will be using the new improved Solar Schools website and toolkit to improve their  fundraising efforts.