Housing developer, Wates Living Space, approached Southern Solar to supply and install a solar hot water system for its new high rise development in central London.

The project was required to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Level 3. In order to reach CSH 3, the solar thermal system had to provide hot water to 60 of the 72 flats, reducing the building’s co2 levels by 10 percent.

The system was initially designed to individually supply the 60 flats, but due to limited space a communal system was installed instead.

Southern Solar worked closely with the panel manufacturer Filsol Solar and designed 14 separate solar arrays that supplied hot water to between three and eight flats each. This solution reduced the amount of pipework required and therefore reduced costs.

The installation successfully secured 50 percent of its funding under the Low Carbon buildings Programme Phase 2.

The 104 flat plate Fisol solar thermal modules are expected to produce an annual output of 93,600kWh per year, saving nearly 18 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted in the process.