Solar has once again been voted the UK’s most favoured source of renewable energy, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s opinion tracker.

DECC surveyed consumers in late September on specific questions related to sources of energy generation. While the opinion tracker is compiled on a quarterly basis, set questions are only asked bi-quarterly so these results are the first since February to address solar and other renewables specifically.

Of those surveyed, 80% stated that they supported solar as a source of electricity while just six per cent said they opposed it. The results proved solar to be the most supported source of renewable electricity, with offshore wind and tidal joint-second with 73% support.

Solar even outstripped the support received for renewables in general. The opinion tracker found that 75% of respondents supported generation from renewables in principle.

The results come less than a month after DECC’s feed-in tariff consultation prompted more than 54,000 responses and Leonie Greene, head of external affairs at the Solar Trade Association, said the results and the consultation are evidence of “unprecedented” support for the industry and “widespread outrage” at the extent of the cuts,

“No other technology empowers consumers and communities to take charge of their energy bill and act on climate change like solar power. By cutting support for solar the government is taking power away from people, organisations and communities all over the UK – and they don’t like it one bit,” she said.