Solarcentury has won planning permission for a 20MW solar farm in Derbyshire.

The developer anticipates that the solar array will generate enough electricity to power 5,500 local homes, negating the emission of over 200,000 tonnes of CO2 across its 25-year operational lifetime.

In keeping with industry best practice, Solarcentury will be implementing a range of biodiversity practices across the site. Commenting on the 20MW site, Frans van den Heuvel, Solarcentury CEO said: “We develop all our sites in line with the Solar Trade Association's 10 commitments. As part of this, we identify opportunities to enhance the ecological value of the land; at Aston House we will implement a range of biodiversity measures that will work in harmony with the solar panels. So at the same time as generating clean energy for thousands of homes, the site will be a boost to local wildlife.”

The developer expects construction to begin before the end of the year and anticipates that solar farm will be connected before the renewable obligation deadline closes on 31 March, 2015.