Solarcentury has said that the “stylish” Sunstation rooftop panels it has unveiled this week will spark a “major shift” in the UK’s adoption of solar systems.

The new Sunstation panels do away with the traditional blue panel on a silver frame and are made up of a “sleek” black solar panel which is fitted “discreetly” into the roof itself, the design of which has been endorsed by British designer Wayne Hemingway MBE.

“Great-looking solar is now available for people looking to generate their own energy and reduce their energy bills, whilst maintaining the character of the home. If you’ve been put off by traditional solar panels before, your worries alleviated,” Hemingway said.

Solarcentury said the new design was triggered by research that found that while 81% of homeowners want their homes to be more environmentally friendly, more than half (58%) found existing solar panel designs a turn off. Almost two-thirds (65%) said solar panels would have to be less visible if they were to consider installing them.

Solarcentury chief executive Frans van den Heuvel said the release of Sunstation panels marked the “arrival of solar for the mass market”.

“It’s always been our mission to make solar energy accessible for all. ince then we’ve poured our insights into developing a home solar system that not only looks great – so people will want it on their roofs – but is also far more affordable than other options on the market, meaning even more people can switch on to solar,” he added.

Sunstation panels are to be available to the market in July this year.