SolarEdge has become the latest solar company to launch a new PV system design tool, with this one geared towards helping installers pitching consumers.

The web-based SolarEdge Designer tool helps installers identify particular homes and sites, create 3D models of specific roof pitches and produce system layout designs to show potential customers.

While major retailers like IKEA and Nissan have launched solar design tools to help generate leads for their solar sales efforts, and E.On has partnered Google for its own publically-accessible Sunroof campaign, SolarEdge’s system is targeted entirely at installers to offer support throughout the sales process.

Installers can drag and drop modules to fit roofs, and the system automatically recommends the number and model of inverters and power optimisers ideal for that specific design. The software also automatically checks string validity.

This information can then be shown to the consumer and inform them of a specific bill of materials for their prospective installation, on top of monthly energy simulations that inform them of savings on energy bills.

The Designer software is free to use and all designs are saved in a cloud-based platform designed to support the sales process through from design, quotation, installation and eventual monitoring and maintenance.

Lior Handelsman, VP of marketing and product strategy at SolarEdge, said the launch of the tool came as software was playing a “more pivotal role in the PV industry”, right the way through from system design to grid management at the macro level.