Israel-based inverter manufacturer SolarEdge has released its DC coupled StorEdge storage solution to the UK market.

The system is based on a single inverter that manages and monitors generation from a rooftop solar system, self-consumption and storage, and is compatible with Tesla’s eagerly anticipated Powerwall solution, which has yet to be given a firm UK release date.

StorEdge enables unused solar generation to be stored in a battery for later to use to maximise self-consumption. The system also supports time of use management with the UK set to introduce half-hourly time-of-use tariffs this year.

With the domestic feed-in tariff having fallen to 4.39p/kWh, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has sought to place more importance on self-consumption. In producing the new rate DECC specified ideal consumption rates to be 43% – towards the top end of estimates of 23 – 45% set out by consultation responses.

And Daniel Huber, director of SolarEdge Technologies UK, said that solutions able to contribute to an increase in self consumptions were “increasingly necessary to create synergy between distributed solar energy and storage”.