Burnley-based solar installer, Solarlec, is practicing what it preaches after installing 243 solar panels on the roof of its headquarters.

The PV specialist has fitted three domestic-sized systems as well as a large commercial scale system onto its office and warehousing premises.

All of the solar systems are linked to meters in the company’s showroom that show, in real-time, how much energy the solar array’s are capable of producing as well as how different sizes and brands affect electricity generation.  

The three domestic-scale arrays vary in size from 12 to 20 modules and represent the most common residential configurations. Each of the systems uses a different brand of solar module – Phono Solar, Sun Power and LG – to help customers see Solarlec’s product range in action.

Solarlec’s commercial system consists of just under 200 solar modules, and is designed to demonstrate the scale of electricity generation large-scale solar installations are capable of. 

Ged Rowbottom, Director at Solarlec, said: “Installing our own panels has always been part of our plan but we wanted to make sure we could fit the right kind of systems to use them as a demonstration tool for customers.

“By taking a look at the meters and our online portal, customers can gain a really clear perspective on how solar panels work and how much they could potentially save and earn in their own home – we invite anyone considering solar panels to come to this office and view the systems in action.”

Solarlec were recently voted Burnley Small Business of the Year 2011 after installing more than 1,200 panels a month across the area, significantly reducing the area’s carbon emissions.