Swiss PV manufacturer Sputnik Engineering (SolarMax) is the latest in a long line of solar power firms to beef up operations in the UK, as the company announced that it has made multiple additions to its UK sales operation.

SolarMax’s UK sales expansion will see three new managers join the branch: Andrew Lycett, who will serve as UK distribution manager, as well as Erica Westmore and Steve Bingham, who will take on the roles of key account managers.

Martin Allman, regional manager north at Solarmax, said: “The UK market is busy across all the different sectors, from residential through to utility-scale…In particular, we are seeing significant opportunities on commercial rooftop sites, with a strong pipeline of PV plants between 50kW and 500kW on factories and warehouses.”

Allman claimed: “From homes to commercial rooftops to solar farms, the outlook for SolarMax in the UK in 2014 is extremely positive.”

SolarMax is following the lead of other PV companies such as SolarEdge and Trina Solar who have all expanded their horizons to the UK in order to break ground in what is arguably Europe's most promising market.

Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase Energy, told Solar Power Portal that the UK’s newest policies regarding solar energy have instilled confidence in potential investors, stating: “The stability of the feed-in tariff has enabled the solar industry to grow and has built some very solid companies with great reputations and great experience.”