Swiss inverter manufacturer Sputnik Engineering has revealed that five solar farms set to be built in the London area will use its SolarMax range of inverters.

The five ground-mounted solar projects will have a total installed capacity of 61.4MW and are due to be completed before the Renewable Obligation rate available to solar developers drops in April 2014.

Commenting on the deal, Daniel Freudiger, UK regional manager for SolarMax said: “We are delighted that we have been commissioned with the delivery of the inverters for these ambitious large-scale projects in the London metropolis area. This shows that high quality standards and rapid availability pay off.”

Addressing the need for large-scale solar installations, Freudiger said: “Particularly in view of the increasing need for energy world-wide and the increase in energy prices, it is important to implement further large-scale PV projects. These projects are an economic and sustainable alternative to conventional power plants.”

The five solar farms will use a total of 127 SolarMax 360TS-SV central inverters installed in 65 SolarMax TS-SV compact stations.