UK-facing installer Solarplicity has said its expansion is to continue after acquiring MAP Environmental’s solar division.

A statement issued by Solarplicity, the installation business founded by David Elbourne, which boasts former England rugby international Austin Healey among its directors, said that the deal marked a “new dawn” for its solar energy business.

“Our new model is already attracting great interest and we see a positive change in the way solar energy benefits customers in the UK. This culminates in our new vision for the solar energy business in the UK,” Elbourne said.

MAP Environmental most famously targeted a 400MW portfolio of solar assets last year after signing a £400 million deal with Chinese module manufacturer ZN Shine, which was backed by prime minister David Cameron.

However since then ZN Shine has shuttered its European operations after being removed from the minimum import price undertaking, and allegations of fraud were subsequently made against its European managing director.

Solarplicity has claimed that it will be taking on MAP Environmental’s pipeline as part of the deal.

The acquisition adds to already close links between the two companies. MAP Environmental chief executive Paul Wheeler is also a director at Solarplicity.