Renewable energy specialist Solarsense has received an International Green Hero award in recognition of the environmental initiatives the company has implemented at its headquarters near Bristol.

Solarsense’s headquarters at Helios House, Backwell was officially confirmed as ‘carbon negative’ in May after it received an Energy Performance Certificate showing that it generated negative carbon emissions.

The company has installed a solar PV array, which generates much of the building’s own electricity, as well as a solar thermal system, ground source heat pump and a solar carport, which is used to charge the company’s growing fleet of electric cars. The building also has a bike store and a charging point for electric bikes and a wooden solar powered ‘outdoor office’ where employees can make smoothies using a pedal-powered smoothie maker.

Richard Simon, Solarsense Technical Director, was presented with the International Green Hero Award by Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the wind-up radio, at a ceremony at London’s Canary Wharf today.

“We are thrilled to win this award for our environmental achievements. We hope that other companies will gain from our experience and look at how they can reduce their own carbon footprint,” Simon commented.