Crystalline solar module manufacturer Solarwatt has extended its product warranty for all modules from five to 10 years. For this period, the company guarantees all of its delivered modules will be free of material and processing defects effecting operation.

Detlef Neuhaus, Solarwatt Director of Sales & Marketing said, “Solarwatt offers premium products – we rely on high-end materials, certified suppliers, top manufacturing ‘Made in Germany’ and tough quality controls. Our company has 20 years experience in module manufacturing. During this time our solar modules have proven their worth in all types of situations– including extreme weather and climate conditions such as hail, ammonia, sand storms and salt fog.”

In addition, Solarwatt is also extending the product warranty for solar modules acquired within the company as well as offering full insurance coverage from ten to twelve years that not only covers the Solarwatt modules, but also all other components of the solar power system. The company will also cover the insurance premiums for the first five years.

“Our updated and extended product warranty for modules within the comprehensive coverage is just another logical step,” said René Merdon, Director for Product Management at Solarwatt. “So far the first-class service has already enjoyed great popularity and with its twelve year warranty it will be even more attractive.”

The comprehensive insurance package not only protects the solar panel system’s owner against theft and weather damage, but also covers the loss if the plant cannot generate any output because of damage or if it delivers less output than expected.