Solarwatt has unveiled the latest evolution of its MyReseve system, a fully modular storage system that can be customised to suit the demands of any application, which is to hit UK shelves next year.

The MyReserve Matrix system is comprised of just two basic components, the Pack battery module and the Command power electronics unit, which contains all connectors, sensors and control software for the system. It can be installed with as little capacity as 2.2kWh but due to the scaleable design of the Matrix storage solution, more battery modules can be added up to 2.2MWh.

One control unit is needed for up to five battery modules, with the number of components able to be customisable to suit the end user's requirements.

Dr. Andreas Gutsch, managing director of the Solarwatt Innovation Technology Center and responsible for the development of the MyReserve battery, said: “Our entire system is based on a matrix of these two basic building blocks.

“With uncompromisingly scalable performance and capacity, there is a home battery on the market for the first time that fits all applications. Our installers need only deal with these two components. This means less training, storage, and transport costs – and, last but not least, faster and easier installation.”

Carsten Bovenschen, chief financial officer of Solarwatt, added that due to the variable prices for each system – €1,968 (£1,697) for the command module and €1,879 (£1,620) for each battery pack – it was very difficult to compare the Matrix to competitors.

The company added that high efficiencies and the low cost of scaling up the system, including installation and maintenance, means the system offers extremely competitive pricing across several applications.  

Detlef Neuhaus, chief executive of Solarwatt, said “Our latest generation batteries will fundamentally change the power storage market. This is the first system that flexibly adapts to individual customer requirements, rather than the opposite.”

The system is designed to connect directly to the DC system between the PV array and the inverter, however Solarwatt confirmed it was working on an AC option to be delivered within 12 months. This allows the Matrix solution to communicate and work with any brand of inverter, enabling to it be applied immediately to the retrofit market.

The system is continuing to undergo testing, including for a 1.5MW application, before being launched officially in summer 2017. A company representative said the first units would be sold in Solarwatt’s native market of Germany before being released in others in 2018.