SolarWorld has confirmed that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall of 1.5 million modules in North America, is not applicable in Europe.

The recall, which does not require the removal of installed products, is the result of a problem with an instruction manual that did not specify that a tin coated copper lug be used during mounting. A bare copper lug could lead to electrocution although there are no reported cases of incidents as of now.

SolarWorld has confirmed that the manual involved was not issued outside of North America.

“The manual was issued by the US subsidiary of SolarWorld and has no known impact on our business outside of North America,” Milan Nitzschke, vice-president of SolarWorld told PV Tech, Solar Power Portal’s sister title.

SolarWorld Americas’ director of strategic affairs told PV Tech that the manual has been “refined” but the company has volunteered to check with installers that they have not used bare copper lugs.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a “recall” notice, but no systems need to be removed as part of the response to the problem.

The cost of the exercise has not been reported to investors.