SolaX Power has partnered with leading battery manufacturer LG Chem to produce the new SolaX Battery, a high-performance storage solution encompassing the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

Designed and manufactured in partnership with LG Chem, SolaX will be offering 3.3kWh and 6.5kWh options, boasting a 6000-cycle lifespan with a ten-year (3000 cycle) warranty and 95% depth of discharge.

The SolaX Battery is compatible with the X-Hybird range of inverters; a product launched in 2013 that boasts more than 10,000 installs in the UK to date.

The new battery will be bundled with the second generation Hybrid inverter from SolaX; a DC-coupled solution that will sit alongside a new AC model to be launched later this year.


Craig Woollaston, European product manager for SolaX Power, said: “This marks an important milestone for SolaX Power.  We have been working for some time to bring to market our own battery solution to compliment the X-Hybrid range, and we are delighted that we now have a SolaX battery that offers brand consistency and a complete solution.

“LG Chem is at the forefront of battery technology in the domestic sector.  It is a trusted brand offering high-performance products that are the perfect match for our inverters.

“While we will continue to supply the X-Hybrid with popular third-party battery solutions, including LG Chem’s own RESU range, having our own branded product allows for greater flexibility, especially as we move towards a one-box solution in the near future.”

SolaX Power has also reaffirmed its commitment to DC storage solutions, and its X-Hybrid 48V DC products will continue to the supplied alongside its soon to be launched high-voltage AC charger. 

Commenting on the AC vs DC debate, UK general manager David Keates said: “There is a definite market shift towards AC-coupled systems, owing to their flexibility and suitability as a retrofit option for existing PV installations, as well as being a solution for charging batteries from the grid in order to exploit peak/off-peak price differentials.

“At SolaX we identified this market shift some time ago, and have been busy developing a market-leading AC-coupled system which we will be launching imminently.

“However, our commitment to the X-Hybrid DC-coupled system remains as strong as ever.  X-Hybrid is our flagship product and sales continue to grow across all of our biggest global markets.”

The X-Hybrid from SolaX has been the world’s biggest-selling hybrid inverter since its launch in 2013. Tens of thousands of storage systems using X-Hybrid have been installed globally, and the product continues to evolve.  The third-generation model of X-Hybrid, and a new three-phase version are set to be launched in the coming months.  


Woollaston added: “There are scenarios where DC-coupled is still the most sensible solution.  When installed with solar PV, a DC-coupled system will offer greater overall efficiency, offering the end user a better return on their investment than if they were to opt for an AC-coupled option, especially where there is no appetite for charging batteries from the grid – and even then, charge from grid is still possible, and is a standard feature, one that can be activated in the UK with the addition of an approved two-way meter.

“There is also a growing demand for fully off-grid systems where grid connection is not feasible, and also for systems installed where grid connectivity is intermittent, and where there is this heavy reliance on energy from PV and batteries, a DC-coupled solution is preferable.  It is clear that there is a growing demand for both AC and DC storage solutions, and SolaX Power remains committed to both options for the foreseeable future.”

SolaX Power remains at the forefront of industry developments and currently sits on the ‘Dynamic Response’ Parliamentary Working Group. 

Dynamic Response is a form of Demand Response based around the large-scale roll-out of battery technology to large and medium companies, and will also include SME and domestic applications. It is a market-based solution that allows companies and aggregators that own multiple batteries and other storage mediums to reduce grid-supplied electricity demand in a targeted sub-station level for a financial reward. The financial reward would be through a regulated mechanism that allows companies that can guarantee and measure time specific demand reduction at the same bid price as short-term generation.

The Working Group is currently engaged with a number of key industry stakeholders developing the technology and working on the required changes to standards and regulations, with an announcement expected later in 2017.

SolaX Power Europe will be staging a launch event for their new battery and AC model at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry later this month.  Attendance is free but spaces are limited so early booking is recommended. Visit SolaX Power to reserve your space.